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An in-depth tour of Thrussendale Farm and the Nature Conservancy work that is being undertaken to encourage wildlife and improve habitats. Meet the farm's Oxford Sandy Black and Tamworth rare breed pigs, learn about the Pet Sheep and why they're here, look at the three gorgeous Alpacas, visit the free-range Rhode Island Red Chickens which were all hatched on the farm, and explore the diverse and historical landmarks. Listen to the stories, admire the views, spot the resident wildlife and hear how the farm is working hard to create a respected nature reserve.

The walk and tour starts at 1030hrs and lasts approx. 90 minutes

You'll go away with memories of how one, small, farm is passionately trying to make a difference to the countryside and farming in a high welfare manner where all the animals are happy, contented, and have a constant opportunity to express their natural behaviours. You can even take away a box of incredibly fresh free-range eggs laid right here on the farm (perhaps even collected by you!), purchase some Alpaca socks, or perhaps some Honey or Jams, from the small shop.

"A delightful, incredibly interesting, and thought provoking tour"

"Wonderful to see happy animals at peace in the gorgeous countryside"

Priced per Adult - Minimum Two per tour

Children are free of charge.


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