How to start a successful Glamping business

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If you have ever wanted to start a Glamping business in the United Kingdom this may just be the course for you! Led by Roddy Hamilton, Owner of the 5 Star Gold Award Winning 'The Private Hill' property in North Yorkshire.

Learn how to take your dream from an idea to reality on this very personal course, based on the experiences of Roddy and Jane whilst setting up their own successful premium destination, which will cover pretty much everything from start to finish.

With farm diversification now more important than ever, particularly on a small farm, you will take the journey from concept to success and avoid some of the numerous, and potentially very costly, pitfalls along the way.

These sessions will show you, in some detail, how to complete a premium project like The Private Hill in just 12 weeks and how to build a sustainable, respected, viable business that can play an important part in the local economy whilst adding an incredible new dimension to your life and business.

With a maximum of just 2 participants, on each course, you can be assured that you will leave with the best possible understanding of the key processes and steps you'll need to take in order to establish a profitable new Glamping business. A very personal, unambiguous, introduction on how to build your very own Glamping business.

Once you have purchased your voucher please email Roddy Hamilton at to book a time that suits you. Better still book one of our domes too so that you really can experience the finished product.

Courses start at 1000hrs and finish at 1300hrs.

Please note that a minimum of x 2 participants are required for each course day.

Course Content

1. The Glamping Business – Saturation or Opportunity?

2. Decide on your positioning / lifestyle choices

3. Growth opportunities nationally

4. Make the dream reality without a jump into the unknown

5. Planning

6. Contractors and Services installation

7. Waste Water Treatment

8. What structure / where

9. Specifications & Build – Where not to go

10. The Business Plan

11. Financing - Bank / Peer-to-Peer etc

12. Marketing (Booking Platforms / OTAs v’s Direct Bookings)

13. Incoming Money Management

14. Staff and TEAM

15. Test / Test / Test

16. Guest Reviews

17. Policies (Booking Conditions / Cancellations)

18. Question and Answer Session

Tour of The Private Hill site with Roddy


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