Actors and their families love The Private Hill too…

In our series of guest blogs, this week's is from Ian Whyte, well known for his roles in Game of Thrones and Alien Vs Predator.

Ian visited with his family - wife Amy who is head of charitable services at Age UK Northumberland and their 9 year old son.

Here is what Ian said:

“With work I travel extensively, so holidays really need to tick the box for me, as being at home with my family is what I crave when I am away.

“When Amy said we were going to The Private Hill I had all my usual concerns. Being 7ft 1

I have very specific needs from accommodation and the bed is usually a huge source of irritation.

“However, what we experienced blew my mind. It was luxury from arrival to departure. The bed was simply palatial. Plenty big enough and with awesome views when you opened the curtains. It made for a special Sunday morning coffee, relaxing and soaking up the North Yorkshire countryside. It is the perfect place to unwind and escape, and is truly peaceful.

“We enjoyed time with Roddy and our friends staying at the same time in the other three domes. We all enjoyed drinks and food in Jane’s dome, and even got some adult time as our son safely played outside. He actually said that it is the best place he has ever been to – so I guess we will be coming back very soon!

“Stay safe everyone, but take my advice, as soon as we can travel please do book The Private Hill. You truly won’t regret it.”

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