Four important considerations before booking your escape from lockdown…

As we, hopefully, approach the end of lockdown within the Glamping North Yorkshire world we think it’ll be really important to consider four key elements when choosing your destination

1. Group Shower Blocks v’s En-Suite Facilities during Covid-19

Totally private shower and toilet facilities should be a very important consideration when booking your short break away. Shared facilities may not be able to offer you the same level of sanitation, and cross-contamination protection, as those establishments where truly en-suite showers and toilets are provided.

At The Private Hill each of our four geodesic domes has its very own private shower room sitting within the dome. You therefore avoid not only having to venture out in the middle of the night but also, and very importantly at the moment, sharing with anyone else.

2. Small is beautiful

With only four self-contained domes, each sleeping a maximum of two adults and up to two children (max. 12 years old) full capacity at The Private Hill can only ever be 8 adults and up to 8 children. With such a large, and spacious, site your individual space certainly isn’t at a premium and it is therefore incredibly easy to maintain social distancing at all times.

Each dome has its own firepit so, when the weather is good, you can sit on your private decking whilst enjoying a drink, the quite incredible views, and spectacular sunsets without any risk of having to crowd around a central camp fire.

Dinner is served either on the large decking area outside Jane’s Dome, when the weather permits, at tables separated by a good margin of at least 2 metres. Or, if the weather is bad, socially distanced tables are set up within our large Jane’s Dome as an alternative.

Of course there’s a third option and that is to have your freshly prepared drinks, refreshments, snacks, afternoon tea, or 3 -course dinner served at the door of your dome so that you can enjoy whatever you order within your own space, and in absolute privacy, whilst listening to your choice of streamed music on your own twin speaker Sonos system.

3. Travelling to The Private Hill in North Yorkshire

With train, plane, and bus services unable to offer you absolute protection due to the difficulties in achieving social distancing, travelling by car to your destination getaway further enhances your ability to stay safe. Simply park in The Private Hill car park and then enjoy your luxury space with minimal check-in contact. Your welcome drink, and a slice or two of Jo’s freshly baked cakes, will be delivered to your door – simply contactless!

4. Ongoing disruption, a second phase, and renewed lockdown

At The Private Hill you can book your stay in complete confidence that should there be a second phase, requiring renewed lockdown, your money is secure.

Our no quibble guarantee enables you to either rebook your stay for another date if affected by lockdown or to receive a full refund – the choice will be yours but we really hope you’ll simply want to re-book!

The next months, and possibly a little longer, will be all about trying to re-start as normal a life as we possibly can.

Everyone that has endured weeks of lockdown, and shielding, will of course be thinking very seriously about risk and risk limitation.

At The Private Hill we firmly believe that you’ll be able to enjoy our luxury accommodation, the highest possible standards of service, the freshest of air, our gorgeous setting and a truly memorable stay whilst being able to minimise risk in these challenging times. For many of us these will be important factors in determining where we choose to escape to.

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