Incredible Guests and Spectacular Experiences

Lockdown has taught us all to appreciate those things in life that really matter. Friends, Family and special moments together.

Since we re-opened on 12th April, after a very long, cold, and I have to say a rather tedious winter, we have loved every minute that we've been able to welcome guests back to The Private Hill.

Guests that have been two, three, and sometimes four times before return as friends. Others, escaping months of isolation, have arrived for the very first time and been amazed by the calming nature of the place.

Our reviews on Tripadvisor sum up in an honest, and sometimes rather humbling way, what the experience of spending a little time on the hill has meant to many. In very personal, and incredibly detailed, reviews that make all of us in The Private Hill family feel so proud to be a part of something really rather special.

Whether it's the sense of being, even if only temporarily, immersed in a place that really cares about delivering ahead of expectations, one which goes to any length to surprise and delight, to provide an environment of constant can-do momentum, or simply to be as normal as we can be, each of us that works here cannot fail to have been touched by the enormous good fortune we have to provide special, and we hope life long, memories for the many wonderful people we have met and welcomed back since we re-opened.

Smiles, laughter, and moments of complete peace make up the very core of what we aim to deliver here. Somewhere to escape, a place to remember, somewhere to feel valued, and somewhere that really, really, cares about the guests we are lucky enough to welcome.

Many years ago, a wonderful airline existed called British Caledonian Airways - BCal for short. It was founded and run by a quite extraordinary man called Sir Adam Thomson that I was lucky enough to have met on several occasions. BCal's slogan 'We know you have a choice' are words that have remained with me ever since. So, so, true but often forgotten by many prestigious organisations who seem to take our custom for granted.

At The Private Hill they are at the heart of our DNA. Every guest that comes here of course has an absolute choice of where they choose to go on holiday - something we will never, ever, forget or take for granted. We all feel immense pride in what we do but, most importantly of all, a massive responsibility to be the very best we can possibly be every single moment of the day.

With gorgeous views, supremely comfortable and award winning accommodation, a hand-picked team of fabulous human beings that enjoy surprising our guests at every opportunity and, of course, the very best suppliers in the land, we at least stood a chance.

But by remembering that our guests really do have a choice we will hopefully continue to evolve and succeed as a premium brand in a busy, busy, marketplace.

I've said it countless times, and make no apology for saying it again, it is our Guests that really make The Private Hill the truly special place it is!

Thank you to every single one of you that has made us laugh, and smile, since the world began to get back to normal. We can't wait to see you again!

Roddy Hamilton

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