The Hill awakens...!

After 104 days of enforced closure, and silence, The Private Hill finally reopened its doors again on Saturday to another incredible group of utterly charming guests.

The sights and sounds of people laughing and chatting, of coffees being made in Jane’s Dome, of beautifully presented Afternoon Teas, wood crackling on the new fire pits, quiet background music, and stories exchanged seemed to make the day even more special than we could ever have ever imagined.

It’s the guests that make The Private Hill so special – a wide cross-section of interests and always fascinating to hear how each found us and decided to make a reservation. On our opening Saturday some came from afar whilst others from just five miles down the road! All seeking an end to the months of lockdown and an opportunity to start the journey back to the new normal, to laugh again, and to look forward to new beginnings.

One common thread though was of course to be away safely, and to protect the sacrifices that we’ve all made, since that momentous day back in March when the Country hung up the closed sign.

Socially distanced tables in Jane’s Dome quickly became richly enjoyed enclaves as guests settled down to a freshly prepared three-course dinner created by Jane and our wonderful new Chef.

Smiles were everywhere – freedom at last!

The incredible team at The Private Hill, led by Jo, have spent days planning, cleaning, learning new processes, and getting to grips with all the new measures necessary to protect Guests and Staff alike. We always had a bit of a reputation for cleanliness, for trying to be amongst the best in the industry, but everyone has risen to the challenge with great heart and commitment.

I feel so very, very, lucky to have amassed such a world class group of local people to work at The Private Hill. Each carefully selected, consummate professionals, from within the hospitality sector. There’s a buzz in the air. The energy is almost palpable.

I’ve always believed, since I became involved at the premium end of the hospitality sector many years ago, that one of life’s greatest privileges is to be able to make people smile, feel truly valued, and to provide outstanding and often unexpected levels of service.

Every single member of our team understands that as their professional core as we all, absolutely, love what we do here and know that our Guests have a choice of where they book and how they spend their hard-earned money.

To have so many choose to come here, to our little business on the side of a hill in such a gorgeous part of North Yorkshire, is true testament to the ethos that lives and breathes at The Private Hill.

We so look forward to welcoming our guests over the next weeks, and months, and to providing each with a little break away from routine, an opportunity to laugh and smile, and to perhaps experience something really rather special. All within the safety of our low-density destination.

Stay safe – The Private Hill Experience awaits!

Roddy Hamilton

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